Dysregulation of the immune system results in devastating autoimmune disease and cancer. Our research team uses medicinal chemistry, immunology, and target based methodologies to translate the latest research findings in immune biology into the next generation of drugs for patients with the highest unmet need.

Immuno-oncology is a rapidly evolving scientific field focused on modifying the immune system, especially within the tumor microenvironment, to enhance the body’s natural immune response to cancer. The currently approved immuno-oncology medicines are all biopharmaceuticals. However, a small-molecule approach offers several unique advantages that are complementary to, and potentially synergistic with existing biopharmaceuticals. Advantages include access to intracellular disease targets not tractable by biopharmaceuticals and shorter half-life, thus enabling individual titration of dose.

The Immunscape team has unique in depth understanding of drug targets including detailed crystallographic structure determinations for challenging drug target complexes as well as detailed analysis of target functions both biochemically and biophysically as well as in complex cellular and immunological context. This wealth of knowledge is used to rapidly design and optimize novel small molecule entities into drug candidates optimal for the treatment of disease.